2014 Meeting Sold Out

Dear Colleagues:

After the success of the 2nd American Dermoscopy Meeting (ADM), which was held near Glacier National Park in Montana, it is now my pleasure to announce that the 3rd Annual ADM will be held near beautiful Acadia National Park along the rugged coast of Maine on June 17-19th, 2014.

The demand for dermoscopy education continues to increase. Similar to trends in other parts of the world, many dermatologists in the United States are using dermoscopy, and are eager to learn the benefits and insights that dermoscopy can provide. There is an ever-increasing desire for family physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to become better acquainted with dermoscopy. However, as we witnessed during this past ADM course, dermoscopy is not limited only to primary care practitioners but is also useful to other specialists such as ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons. The increased need for dermoscopy education coupled with the limited number of dermoscopy experts has created a void, which the ADM is designed to fill. The content of the third ADM course will include information that will benefit clinicians at all levels of dermoscopy training from beginners to seasoned practitioners. The information provided will differ from the previous meetings and thus returning attendees will continue to gain new insights and will be able to continue to refine their diagnostic skills. In addition, in response to the request from previous attendees for additional information on management/therapy of skin cancer, we have decided to incorporate this into the 2014 agenda and have expanded the program to three days.

The majority of medical conferences are held in large metropolitan centers and as a consequence most American health care providers, as well as visiting international attendees, are well acquainted with the big cities of the US. While cities have a lot to offer, the most scenic and majestic parts of the United States, its National Parks, remain unseen and are known only by name or images. Each year the ADM will host the dermoscopy course at a different National Park in the US. The landscapes in these parks are truly masterpieces of nature that provide visitors with a myriad of outdoor activities to choose from. We invite you to come and learn dermoscopy in surroundings that hold some of the most breathtaking vistas the world has to offer.

I look forward to meeting you at Acadia National Park in June 2014 at the 3rd Annual American Dermoscopy Meeting.

Dr. Ashfaq A. Marghoob
Course Director